Standard Arrow Weight: Minimum weight 802.5 grains.

Nock: A horn reinforced self-nock (reinforcement approximately 2”) must be used. A slot depth of around ¼” is suggested.

Shaft: Ash is suggested to make the weight but not required Minimum shaft diameter at the shoulder 3/8”
Minimum Shaft length (bottom of nock to shoulder) 31 ½”

Fletchings: Fletchings can be cut in a triangular or ‘shield’ pattern. The edge may be trailing as nature intended or cut at an angle of 90 degrees or less. The corner may be radiused. Turkey is acceptable. The fletchings may be bound on but this is not required.
Minimum length 6”, minimum height ¾”

Head: Forged type 16 (for preference) or a bodkin hand forging not essential

The EWBS Standard Arrow is the oldest replica war arrow specification and was developed by Hugh Soar and Chris Boyton.
Arrow descriptions: Jeremy Spencer. Images: Hilary Greenland