The Amsterdam arrow is a representation of arrows found in the Lower Countries in the
late medieval period. Quivers and paintings of the period found, dictate both diameters
and length dimensions. See painting made by Rogier van der Weijden “L’homme a la
Nock: A self-nock. A slot depth of around 1/4” is suggested
The nock does not need to be further reinforced with bindings but this may be advisable
for longevity and safetyShaft:
Shaft diameter at the shoulder 3/8. Shaft diameter in the middle 11 mm
Shaft diameter at the nock 3/8”. Shaft length (bottom of nock to shoulder) 67 cm
Fletchings Fletchings are parabolic. Length 6”. Height 15 mmHead: A hand forged Amsterdam type arrowhead